Sunday, 24 April 2016

This time next week...

Less than a week until I shall be sunning (hopefully) myself in Thassos, Greece. 

It will be the first holiday with Rhys and I've waited over two years to go abroad, yes, the last time was May 2014; I've never been that long without a holiday abroad - how spoilt am I?! So yes, I cannot wait! 

My parents have been a year previous to this and described the area of Thassos as quiet, idyllic and just somewhere to relax lots - perfect! I'm a little un-sure of what exactly to expect, as the photos online are mostly just beach photos, not much in the way of the town, so it will be a nice surprise when we get there but, to be honest, my main itinerary is just to sunbath as much as possible, read my book (I need to finish the last HP book! Sorry if this offends you that I say I'm a fan yet haven't successfully read all the books, only watched the movies - countless times but yes, need to finish that) and eat Calamari to my heart's content. I love me some Calamari. 

(Photo Courtesy of my Dadda)

I feel like I want to 'vlog' whilst I'm out there and collate it all into one video as a sort of showreel of my holiday, so let me know if you want to see that, I mean even if you don't I will probably do it anyway... I've always been into videoing my life, ever since I was little, before I even knew people did it as a career on YouTube (you'll know about that late discovery if you've been reading my previous blogs and watching my channel - links to all my social media to the right); my dad always had a massive old style video camera, so we have so many home videos right the way through my life and then when phones with video facilities came about, I was and still am a keen video-er. I just feel like videos (and photos) capture so much of a memory and watching them back brings back all the feelings you got at the time, whether they be good or bad, something to learn from or a reminder to re-visit it. It's definitely something I want to improve on quality wise but if I put as much passion into it as I feel about it, then hopefully I will get somewhere. 

Anyway, for now, I'm just counting down the minutes until we go and I'm so very excited! 

I also have some other exciting news but I will tell you that in a different blog, when I don't feel as tired as I do now.