Friday, 5 August 2011

New to this....

Okay, so I'm trying to work this thing out, I am hoping I'm doing alright....

So my week's been pretty average, still seem to have a major obsession to a bacon butty each morning (not good). Work is the same, throwing slow days at me, with no clients in and so it's incredibly quiet, apart from the major loud noise yesterday which vibrated the floor boards, resulting in me thinking 'we were all gonna die' - I joke of course..

I've worked out, Darren (my boyfriend) is just as inpatient as me; he spent two hours trying to figure out how to wire a light up to the ceiling because he couldn't wait for someone else to do it! Of course, I was the one who asked for the light.... so must be my fault. Ha!

We moved into our place over a month ago now and I love it; finally somewhere I can call home after 6 moves in 6 months and me worrying that I will NEVER settle. So yes home :) and all is starting to look like one too as we have done lots of little bits and all my hearts and flowers and finishing touches have also settled in nicely, as much as Darren hates it! ;)

Today I feel is going to be one long friday... I have waited a long time to go and see my beautiful niece and the rest of my family who moved to Banbury (the reason why I moved so much, as I didn't want to go!) She's so cute and I have been kept up to date with photos but I just know she is going to feel so much bigger now... Ohhh I can't wait!

Anyway, it's back to working time..... ha. :\