Thursday, 14 April 2016

Moving Up In The World (Country)...

Okay, so I may have forgotten to fill you in on a little bit of detail since posting about the big decision to move 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?' but I will get you up to date now... 

I did it! I made the big move and actually i've been here since March 3rd... No, I haven't got myself a job yet, yes I have been dealing with another small flare up and yes I have had another Harry Potter Marathon since being here... 

I have the most beautiful boxset, The Hogwarts Collection: 

But actually, I so want the Wizards Collection too: 

Anyway, massively off topic there... basically, I'm quite happy and settling into life in the Midlands; I love being able to spend time with my family, there's not been much of an issue with Rhys, as we see each other every week and probably spend more time together this way (there's been a couple of tiffs but nothing new there!) 

It just feels good to be here and to feel like I'm not as lonely as I was in my house back in Kent because even though my friends and Rhys aren't up here, I just feel a lot more comforted here (and besides, I didn't really see much of my friends anyway). And, if i'm ever in the situation where my parents go out and I am home alone, there's always the cats to spend time with - I love them so much and want to extend their family (but gotta work on the parents first for that one to transpire), not only that but my brother and sister are only 15 minutes down the road, so it's always nice to know someone is there to escape to, which is the problem I had in Kent, there wasn't many people to run to when I really needed it, no one like family anyway.  

So yeah, I'm here and I'm happy. Do I wish I had done it sooner? Probably not... This feels like the right time in my life. I'm hoping that with the change of location and house, I will also get a chance to change up what I'm doing career wise; I just feel like this year is definitely about change and change for the better and a chance to give a polite 'Jeff You' to the previous years that have bought me down.  

Wish Me Luck!