Monday, 4 April 2016

Addicted to YouTube?

So there I am, 4am, unable to sleep, AGAIN. Completely and utterly convinced I'm addicted, obsessed, whatever way you wanna put it, with YouTube and in particular Caspar Lee. The more I longed for sleep, the more I was unable to do so, resulting in me then watching more YouTube videos and so it goes on. And then, for some stupid and ridiculous reason, I decide the best thing to do is to tell the lad myself... write him a bloody message to explain what is happening. I've never felt so delirious or mental in my life - as if he would read it for a start.

Finally at 5:30am (ish) I got some shut eye and the next thing I know is it's time to get up again, great. Tears streaming down my face because of the previous nights antics...
Due to my lack of sleeping recently, my mum immediately books an emergency doctors appointment; rest assured, i'm not as mental as it seems, this 'addiction' that i've worked into my head is highly unlikely, not even a thing really and the reason for my behaviour is sleep deprivation all down to the steroids working their vile means of side effect magic. 

Few notes to self: 

  • Never act like some crazy fan girl 
  • Never convince yourself you could be obsessed with an object or person, it's highly unlikely you actually are. 
  • Never take steroids without remembering how vile the side effects are, take sleeping tablets where possible.
  • Never embarrass yourself like that again, ever.

P.S. Please tell me i'm not the only 24 year old thinking their obsessed with YouTubers!?! 

He is really beautifully cute though, isn't he.