Friday, 10 June 2016

Destination Unknown...

It is well known that Albus Dumbledore "always prized himself on his ability to turn a phrase"... and we all know what he said about dreams don't we:

"For in dreams we enter a world that's entirely our own..."

Well, I feel like that quote is the same for driving, not in the sense that we should forget everyone else on the road and drift off into daydreams - that would just be silly! But more so that your car tends to be your own little escape bubble, your own little world - if you will.

A car allows you to go to and from your destination of choice or find a new place by chance; you can either chose to follow a SatNav or drive aimlessly until you find an ideal spot. In any situation, you're in control.

I feel like the ultimate thing to do in a car is to take a road trip, whether on your own or with a friend or two, it's just such a satisfying feeling to jump in a car and go and explore. For me, no road trip, however large or small, would be complete without music!

Music is such a big part of my world and if I'm in my car and not singing at the top of my lungs, or tapping along on the steering wheel, then something's very wrong with me. Something I love to do, every couple of weeks, is to create a playlist; playlists for me are like soundtracks of my life - imagine a movie without a soundtrack there to determine the mood and atmosphere... weird right? So now imagine your life without certain songs that have carried you from one memory to the next, see what I mean? Music is a big deal.

My playlists (or soundtracks) tend to feature songs in the current Top 40 at that time or contain songs filled with lyrics I can relate to, I like to throw in a couple of musical numbers too (could the lyrics to Avenue Q and Mamma Mia songs BE any more relatable?!) Often the songs I chose make me feel like some sort of cover artist when I'm singing them. *Note to self: you probably sound a lot better in your head than out loud - see also - singing in the shower.* The beauty of a playlist is that you can revert back to it at a later date and remember your favourite choices from that period of time; you could hear something you haven't listened to in months and plunge right back into that memory. 

A lot of my music choice is also inspired by my brother. Quite often he will call me up to his room to play me the next bit of indie music he's found for me. I'm all about hearing new things and finding a new sound and I'm always thankful when he's selected it for me. It's like a personal compliment when someone has found a song, thought of you and then shares it, so that you can love it too. When Turo explained to me that that's what some of their customers do for their renters, I was keen to find out more.

Turo are a peer to peer car rental company and if you're not familiar with this process it's where car owners list their own cars to rent to others and vice versa. This isn't a concept I'd heard of before but I think it's a really cool idea - you could find yourself able to rent someone else's bubble/world and experience what they do, first hand - right down to the music picked out for you! Turo operate in almost every major city in America (and even Canada) and I just feel they challenge the normal and mundane way of renting a car - if you're still un-sure what I'm talking about, then check out the  Car Rental page on their website, for yourself - cool right? 

This post has challenged  me to think about the perfect car journey for me and it's made me realise, not every journey has to be just a commute - it can be special, unique and become a completely different experience depending on the materials provided. You all know that my dream, given the chance, would be to travel America and go from State to State and yeah, I could hop from plane to plane to do so but where's the fun in that? In a car you can discover so many hidden treasures, something you couldn't do by sky. I feel like Turo would go the extra mile (pun intended) to make my dream road trip as special as it could be, I'll just keep in mind to have windows shut when I'm singing my heart out! (And hey, if I didn't like the playlist provided for me, maybe I'll leave behind a selection of my own music to teach them a thing or two about the perfect mix tape...)