Sunday, 28 August 2016

Better late than never...

On Friday I wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful Summer's day (particularly as they're so rare in England) so I went full on British mode, with a picnic at a Pick Your Own.

I felt like I was too main stream (this is a joke) for the traditional strawberries or fruit and veg PYO, so instead opted for a local Sunflower field, in Kineton, where the honesty box takings are given to charity. Unfortunately the field was starting to die off but as the title of this blog states, better late than never, eh?!

At the moment, we are taking care of my sister in law's gorgeous doggy, Lu Lu, who was most excited to join us for the adventure - she took a particular liking for the cocktail sausages we took with us and as always made a good companion. I also have to admit, I felt like a true Blogger having a doggy to take photos with... I know, I know... I'm a loser. 

Now for me, a picnic would not be a picnic without:

 A fresh baguette, smothered in butter 
 Mumma's secret dip (and maybe some others too) for crisps, cucumber and carrot batons
 Crackers, again, smothered in butter and maybe some Marmite
♡ Ice cold drinks; personal preference of Coke or in this case, a non-alcoholic Pina Colada from M&S - try it! 

But after all the food, it was time to go and explore the (mostly dead) sunflowers and pick some to take home. (By the way, this is harder than it seems and I only noticed the provided snippers after I'd struggled picking them - oops.) 

Once I was satisfied with my selection, it was time to go home and get them planted (somehow I managed to pick the flowers, roots and all!) and so that's exactly what I did, I doubt they will grow and I have to admit they do look a little sorry for themselves, but I'm hoping I can save the seeds and plant some myself next year. 

For me, the sentiment of planting sunflower seeds provides a fond and nostalgic memory; as children, we would plant sunflower seeds at the end of the garden at the beginning of the season and watch them grow, whoever's grew the tallest was the winner (of nothing but pure smugness!) unfortunately I'm yet to dig out a photo of this but I do however have a photo of the last and probably only other time I went sunflower picking, I was a little cuter back then... 

(me on the left, Millie on the right) 

Anyway... I will leave you with this arty shot, which I took in error (just check out that blue sky!)  and maybe next year I will be able to share some photos of my own home grown Sunflowers. 

Lots of love, hugs, kisses & special wishes 
From Katy