Monday, 22 August 2016

Facing Up To The Issue...

Recently my skin has decided it wants to be a teenager again and i've broken out into some sort of teenage acne... I'm hating every minute of it; I'm a very self conscious girl and if something isn't right about my appearance, I won't stop panicking about it and I try everything in my power to cover it over or change it, often this can lead to the problem being worsened, particularly with spots, as the only thing to cover them is to douse it in make up, which probably just adds to the issue.

I've never really been one to have a fancy skin care routine, I think this is because, apart from the odd breakout as a teen and only very occasional hormonal spots here and there, my skin was never too much of an issue, so I never thought to change what I have done for so long. But since I'm 'growing up' into a young adult, I figured that now is probably the time to ditch the face wipes and opt for something a little more adult to suit.

Since all these breakouts have occurred, it's given me a real opportunity to try out lots of brands, i'd say once or twice a month, i've been changing it up and seeing which works the best wonders, so I thought I'd set out some of my opinions on them below, for you (just FYI, i'd my skin is normal to oily and rarely dry):


For YEARS i've been using the Johnsons 'Make Up Be Gone - Pampering' wipes, they're usually quite hard to get hold of these days, compared to the other wipes in the selection but they're the only ones I like using; they have a really relaxing scent of Moonflower, which is known for calming and they're designed for night time use. I find it really easy to remove even waterproof make up with these, without too much tugging on the skin because they're so moist (gross word); they just feel really cleansing on the skin. As I said, they always used to do the trick for me but I thought I'd try and venture away from them, as I'm not sure they cleansed my skin entirely. 

Alongside the wipes, I used Vichy Normaderm Night Cream, I raved about this product in one of my YouTube videos and I still swear by it - maybe it's a self conscious thing that I think it's doing exactly what it says on the tin (tube) but I really do love it. When I ran out of the product I instantly noticed changes and I do wonder if it's because I went without it for so long, that blemishes started to re-appear but alas, I've now purchased a new tube.


As much as I love Soap and Glory for it's original pink scent in their hand creams and body wash, I can't say I was too thrilled by their 'Face Soap & Clarity'; it came in a gift box set, so naturally I thought I'd give it a go, unfortunately I think the beads angered my skin, rather than calmed them, could this be where I went wrong to begin with?! Anyway, I gave it a go... I'm just glad I hadn't purchase the full size product. 


Who decided that these products are just for men? I don't even think the scents suggest it. A few years back, whilst in America, I had a small breakout (usually I breakout on the first few days of my holiday when my skin is exposed to the sun) and my brother attacked me with some of the Loreal products, it worked some sort of magic and the next day I noticed such a difference, so now anytime I see his products in the bathroom and I'm having some skin issues, I like to 'borrow' them and i've found my favourites to be the Charcoal mask and wash and the ---- ; The minty scents in particular just make me feel fresh faced and I love the feeling of products when they tingle because they just feel like they're working. I found out there was a range for sensitive skin, so I thought I'd test that out for myself but I have to say, it's no where near as effective.


When I lived back in Kent, I was always a custom to the Neutrogena face washes. I wouldn't say they're the best but their range just seem to keep the blemishes at bay, in particular the 2 in 1 Mask and Wash and the Spot Stress Control (whose beads are not as angering as the Soap and Glory ones!) I thought I'd test out some of they're make up items and the blemish remover gel and for a while I really liked them (see video) but after a few weeks I felt I needed more coverage from the make up and the gel just didn't compare to Vichy! I'm definitely going to re-visit the foundation once my skin gets back to a nice condition, as I feel like its not as cakey and will help to maintain better skin. I believe there is more of an extensive make up range, in America, so I'll be sure to check those out too.


Creams and potions weren't doing the trick, so I thought i'd opt for a simpler solution; Micclear water. This is definitely not something i'd re-purchase for myself, although the bottle is huge and has lasted a while, I just feel like I'm still un-cleansed after using it. However, I do think it's nice to use in the morning to wipe away sleep or if you just feel a little grubby on a make up free day, but otherwise not a favourite.


I thought I'd treat my skin to something more high end; I think naturally we think that higher end products will do a better job but sometimes, that's not the case. 
I picked up the 3 step 'Acne  Solutions, Clear Skin System' after a long talk with the counter lady, about what would suit my situation best. I was really torn between this and the 'Skin Type 3, Combination Oily' set but we discussed that the Anti Blemish kit would do a better job primarily and then once cleared, I could move onto the latter option. I think that because my skin can be so sensitive and the set I chose was quite abrasive, my skin took a dislike to it and the breakout became a little more fierce - this was such a shame as I was really hoping for some better results. Luckily I had picked the miniatures set, as apposed to the full sized bottles, the smaller sets (around £25 each) allow enough product for one month's application, which I think this is a really great way to test the products. Now that I've finished the one month cycle of this and know that is wasn't for me, I am definitely keen to try the Combination Oily set, but I'm just a little worried for the same outcome. One thing I would say about Clinique is that they are extremely helpful both on their counters and online, this is really helpful if you're unsure of a product and want some clarification. I'm still testing out the Anti Blemish Solution Foundation and enjoying this - I just still haven't found the perfect colour match for me yet (an annoying situation with the constant change in weather - tan or not tanned!) 


On the day that I picked up the Clinique set, I originally opted for the infamous Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and boy am I mad that I put it back down again! After a month's fail with Clinique, I ventured back to Boots and actually purchased it this time and this was going to be my last resort before I gave up on my skin completely!
I now know why this product is so raved about... the minute I put it on my face, I knew I was going to love it. Firstly, if you close your eyes, you could quite literally be in a spa, the scent is so relaxing, warming and fragrant and is almost soothing all on it's own; and then there's the feel of the product... because it's so creamy, it literally feels like the day is melting away in your finger tips. I really like the simplicity of the product; just massage it in around your face and then use a hot cloth to wipe away the day, so satisfyingly easy. I feel fresh after i've used it and even if I feel extra caked with make up that day, if I go in for a second cleanse, it doesn't feel like I'm going to run out of the product instantly, as it's such a decent sized bottle. I picked up the set that came with the 2 muslin style cloths and a travel bag for just £15 in Boots, there is the option to buy the cleanser alone, but as a starter kit and for an extra £1.50, why wouldn't you opt for the full shebang!? 
I wouldn't necessarily say that the product is directed at blemish prone skin, but I have noticed a difference, in that I just feel a lot cleaner and tighter pored after use; when a family friend came to stay with us, she noticed I was using the product and congratulated me on having it, as it's a firm favourite of her's too, she also uses the toner along side the cleanser, so I definitely want to test this out soon!
All I can say is THANK YOU LIZ! I literally cannot fault this as a cleanser -  It's magical!


Now, i've mentioned quite a few 'I want to try' products throughout this blog but two others I'm desperate to get my hands on are some recommendations I've received this month:

Firstly, a friend of mine, who has acne prone skin swears by the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner; she has said that since using this, her skin has never been better - am I intrigued? Of course I am! I've just got to decide between this and the Liz Earle toner. 

Secondly, I was contacted by a guy called Rich on Twitter, Rich is desperate for me to try out some of the products he sells from Forever Living; the products use natural ingredients and I feel like this could be great for my skin. Unfortunately I stupidly gave Rich an incorrect address, in error, and my samples have been lost somewhere in the world of Royal Mail! Once they eventually arrive with me, I will be sure to let you know how I get on with these - I can't wait to finally receive them. In the meantime, you should definitely check out his website, as it has some really lovely products on there. 

Anyway, I am still working hard on destroying my pesky spots and I hope my opinions help you, if you are going through the same situation as me or...if you've already tackled bad skin, please do contact me and let me know your secrets, i'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love, hugs, kisses & special wishes;
From Katy