Saturday, 15 October 2016

Zoella's Girl Online - just for teenagers?

Once again i've found myself a very late comer on the bandwagon, much like with Harry Potter, I feel somewhat annoyed at myself for having come across Zoella so many years later than she first took the world by storm but just like with HP, that doesn't mean I can't be as bigger a fan, in fact, I sometimes feel like a loser with just how much I love her, with dreams of having her as my own friend, knowing we'd get on so well if we ever met, the countless ways in which we are similar... the list goes on! 

But even though I love her as much as I do, I have to admit, that even I doubted Zoe as an author; how can a girl who has already achieved so much, possibly provide us with another skill? But once again, Zoella has proved herself - she really is magical; like a Hermione of the muggle world, I'm yet to think of a (spell) thing that our (Hermione) Zoe can't do! 

Now, in answer to the title of this post... is her book series 'Girl Online' just for teenagers? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Admittedly I thought it would be since the writing is a little bit on the larger size (aimed at younger readers) and yes, the story is based on a 15 year old girl and the troubles you might be more prone to come across at that age, but in no way does that mean this book any less retable at 10 years older than the character. In fact, if anything, it was quite reassuring to know that even as a young adult, the struggles we can relate to don't differ too much to those of a teenager. 

With references of Harry Potter, beautiful and delicious descriptions of food and the Christmas in New York based plot, she didn't let me down. But there's also a deeper feel to the story, which is why it's not quite as 'childish' as you'd imagine; the story takes you on a journey of a girl, Penny, who suffers with Anxiety

and given that Zoe has experienced first hand what panic attacks entail, her description of this subject is perfected - not only is it relatable for those who suffer from anxiety, it's also very helpful and matter of fact to those who perhaps don't understand it from a personal perspective. 

Of course, with Penny's love interest, Noah, being depicted as the perfect boy, there are elements of the fairytale story us girls always imagine for ourselves but cleverly Zoe has captured other more truthful subjects such as, bullying from so called 'friends', the panic of what the wear to certain occasions and that feeling of being out of place and awkward when you really wish you weren't. 

Cue second book...

Girl Online On Tour tells the story of a now slightly older Penny, who continues her romance with Noah whilst facing everyday challenges including finding her purpose in life, boyfriend issues and jealous friends and much like the first, detailing life of a person with anxiety. Not only this but the book also covers issues set around sexuality, the way in which the media is corrupt and about being yourself; something relatable to all in the world today.

I like the fact that as the book series grows, so does the character in age. The story line continues to take turns you wouldn't expect and as it's for younger readers, it was a really easy page turner, especially perfect for the long plane journeys and sun bathing i've been enduring. In a way, like with Harry Potter, I like that I've been able to read the books in a continuous stream rather than the anticipation of waiting for the next release and as book three is almost ready to hit the stores, I don't have too much longer to continue Penny's journey... the question is, if there's a book tour, do I embarrass myself like I did with Caspar and go to the book tour surrounded by screaming teens, just because I'd get to meet her or...

Until next time...

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From Katy