Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Love Actually... is all around...

Aside from Harry Potter, Love Actually is the greatest film ever to grace our screens. It has everything to offer, comedy, heartbreak, innuendos and LOVE.. ACTUALLY. 

Once again, Tracy (Gloriously Ungraceful) have come up with a series of questions to celebrate such a  perfect film, so here we are:

1. What is your favourite part of the movie?
This is so hard, as there as so many amazing bits but the bit that sends my heart racing the most, is Sam running after Joanne in the airport, after THAT song! It's totally and utterly adorable and the perfect amount of ridiculously unrealistic-ness and innocence. Sam's little face - awwww. 
2. Given the chance, what storyline would you have changed and how?
I would have loved to see Sarah and Carl find a way of getting together because it just seems so harsh that they can't be but then, what would a film be without a bit of longing for a different scenario?!
3. What love story would you want for yourself and why?
There's so many that I would love to combine, to make the perfect movie scenario my heart always longs for; but given my New Year's resolution to be more spontaneous, i'd have to say Colin's story line is pretty up there (minus the multiple girls) but just the fact it's a last minute trip to America and a scenario like no other... I love that idea of pure selfishness and spontaneity. But as I said, there are elements of each story I'd love for myself, right down to the style of the funeral!
4. Which situation would you least like to find yourself in?
My heart hurts for Mark; I mean seriously, what could or would you with yourself in that situation? (Although, a question I always do ponder... what would have happened if Peter opened the door?! - movies eh!)
5. Who is your favourite female character?
Natalie. What a girl. So natural and down to earth. She doesn't change to make someone love her. She has some of the best lines in the film and if you think otherwise i'll tell you to SHUT YA FACE.

6. Who is your favourite male character?
If I were basing this on who I would like to find myself in love with - John (is it bad I never knew his cast name until now?!) just simply because it's Martin Freeman. 
However, character wise, I love Billy. I feel like the whole story starts and is centralised by him in a way. He is a big inspiration to Sam's drumming part. He's utterly hilarious and also, he is the voice behind the song that makes the movie.
7. What makes you love this film?
As I said, it has everything you'd want from a movie. I love films like that, where they can make you feel a whole range of emotions. There's a story line to fit any scenario of love and therefore is relatable throughout any time of your life.
8. How many times have you watched it?
My biggest regret is not keeping a tally of this (maybe I should start in 2017, for this and Harry Potter) I literally wouldn't have a clue. One year, I honestly watched every day for about a month. I'd also say at least 3-4 times a year without fail. 

9. What part makes you laugh the most?
I have a real nervous laugh when it comes to movies... when something is so endearing, I get a nervous little laugh that begins with a lump in my throat - if I don't laugh, i'll cry. There's so many moments in this film that make me feel like this. One of my favourite scenes is David's trip to find Natalie in Wandsworth (the dodgy end), those kids. LOL.

10. What part makes you cry the most?
So. Many. Tears... Happy and Sad. The most heart wrenching tears of all though is when poor Karen doesn't receive the necklace. That scene is so cleverly acted out. So realistic and true of a mother to hide her own emotion for the sake of her family. The song has the perfect feel to it and particularly as we know that Karen has an emotional connection to Joni Mitchell - just such a tear jerker.

Bonus question: Do you think Hugh Grant would make a good Prime Minister?
Hugh Grant, no. Hugh Grant in his acting role of Prime Minister - ABSOLUTELY. His speech is everything (particularly as he celebrates Harry Potter too) and although it's a reflection of occurrences back in 2003, it still has so much meaning to this day. I'd love to hear our prime minister take control of a situation like that. Plus the fact he falls in love with Natalie - just perfect.

If you've watched this, let me know what you can relate to and if you haven't, I probably don't want to talk to you until you get your bum into gear and watch. I hope you enjoy my take on things! Be sure to check out Gloriously Ungraceful for her answers too. I could have answered so many other questions, there's so many other favourite parts and characters I could or should have mentioned and I kept thinking of lots of other questions as I was answering these. I really do love this movie.

(p.s. Tracy, please can we do one of these for HP?!)

With love (actually), hugs, kisses and special wishesFrom Katy  

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