Sunday, 20 December 2015

3 & a bit Christmas movies & more mince pies...

I literally cannot believe it's five more sleeps until the big C day. Five?! Where the heck has this month and in fact, year gone?! Can I let you into a little secret? I think this is the one year I've really not felt truly Christmassy, which is totally unlike me. I mean don't get me wrong, I am excited and I do feel festive but just not as much as usual... I don't know if it's because I'm growing up (ha, yeah right) or because I'm not with the family yet... Or maybe the fact the only Christmassy thing as work is this make do Christmas Tree (Christmas Tea). 

That's a lie, I do have a miniature one on my desk too but I miss my old work's big fancy trees. 

Anyway, the lack of Christmas feeling isn't stopping me participating in the festive activities; this weekend I went for a little adventure to greater London to my Buffminda's house in Gipsy Hill, we started my visit with some battered, yes battered, gherkins! Beer Rebellion, if you're interested. Then off we went to Beckenham to celebrate another work pal's birthday (it's all about having a December birthday by the way). I'm pretty sure everyone must have thought we were mental, meowing our heads off, replacing the word love to lunge in every song possible and physically lunging too. It's safe to say I've done my year's worth of exercise in one weekend... Especially as Saturday was the most walking ever (I wish I had a pedometer to prove it, as no one will believe me). Admittedly we did start the day with a huge breakfast but I'm glad we did because it certainly kept me going. We ventured to Spitalfields Vintage Christmas Market - aka the busiest place in London, we had a mooch around there and then took a little walk down to Brick Lane - my first visit to both. I really do miss London. I can't explain the feeling it gives me there but I just love it (not all of it though, mind). 
But after such a packed couple of days, I did get home and just crash. I did set an alarm so it would just be a nap but nope, 14 hours later I woke up! Which brings me to today. 
Another huge (team effort) breakfast for Rhys and I; A re-attempt at mince pies (I met a pastry chef Friday, how funny's that?! He told me it's half butter to flour, half sugar to butter!! - but I would add salt too to un-sweeten it a little). But I tried it and they're much better…

We then spent the day watching three and a bit Christmas films (Nativity 2, 3, Elf and then a bit of A Christmas Carol) we stopped the last because dinner arrived, which was a rather crappy burrito from 'Mexita' - if you're from Tunbridge Wells, don't do it to yourself. Definitely the biggest disappointment,  especially as I wanted a roast, ha. 

And now... BED! And no alarm to set because I have tomorrow morning off.  Then it's just two and a half days to go until we 'break up' from work for Christmas. ❤️ 

Goodnight peoples. X

P.s. I'm typing this and just realised I've been watching Love Actually (the best Christmas film and romcom ever made) so make that four and a bit!