Sunday, 13 December 2015

Even Delia didn't do it for me...

So today I made some mince pies, or should I say... Mince Dries...

I don't know what's happened to me but recently my pastry making skills (which were once pro) have failed me and I keep being left with a dry crumbly mess. 

They still look pretty: 

I think my toppers were really cute for these. I've seen lots of star toppers before (and tried those out last year) but I wanted to do some different ones this year so I went for Christmas Trees and Gingerbread Men which, honestly, I've not seen been done before, so I was pleased with the outcome (aesthetically) but as for the actual taste, it was a real shame, so now I just want to try them again with a better recipe! 

So if any of you guys know any good recipes, please do share them. This one was a Delia recipe and I thought it would be a safe bet but I was so wrong and I'm very disappointed in myself (and Delia). 

I am going to try again next weekend! 

Goodnight x 

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