Monday, 21 December 2015

The Clock Strikes Midnight...

Another late night for me again, tonight but so worth it as I have got so much done.

Super impressed with myself, actually; despite having half day, I actually pushed myself to get up at a reasonable time to get on. ANOTHER cooked breakfast, poached eggs and bacon on toast this time... followed by a mince pie and a cuppa (ahem, it is Christmas...) A lazy get ready session - the best kind, ready for my visit to visit Hobby Craft and Asda before work to get some bits for my more 'crafty' gifts. I didn't get everything I wanted but that's always the way! And then… work was okay, I guess but I get the feeling I am definitely in Christmas holiday mode already, oops. I left work to mooch around Sainsburys where I picked up items for mind and Rhy's miniature/early Christmas dinner together. I actually remembered I had some gifts for him too (the rest are at my Mumma's) so I wrapped those up and then got to work on setting the table in preparation for tomorrow! 

Then it was time to get crafty... taking the idea from Zoella's 24 days of Christmas  I got to work on a little extra present for my nieces to go with their other gifts; taking a basic cookie recipe the idea is to layer all the dry ingredients in a jar with instructions on how to complete them; such a lovely gift and so easy to do! This could definitely be adapted for all year round and I already know who else I'd like to do one for! There were a couple of other gifts that I DIY'd but unfortunately I had already wrapped them before I thought to take a photo but I believe they had real sentiment, which I think is what Christmas is all about. It doesn't matter how much you've spent but how much thought you've put into something and how it will make the recipient feel upon opening your gift. 

Then, because I was in the baking mood, I decided to make a large batch of shortbread biscuits for work, I chose my trusty Nigella's easy shortbread recipe which I'd definitely recommend. (Click Here For Recipe)
Whilst they were in the oven, I packed some clothes and bits, ready for Christmas Eve when I'm off to my parents - I still can't decide whether to go straight from the work Christmas party Wednesday or  to go Christmas Eve morning… By the way, I've chosen not to drink this year if you thought I was planning on doing some crazy drink driving! Those few drinks I had at the weekend have not sat right with me and considering how much I drank at last year's work do, I think it's safer for me to go it sober! After all, i'd rather be well for Christmas and enjoy it...

So yes, basically a very busy night indeed and now it's past 12 and I need to sleep. I hope this post has inspired you to do some baking or homemade gifts. 

Goodnight x