Friday, 11 December 2015

A day in the life of a tea taster...

…Okay, so I'm not technically a tea taster but my manager is encouraging me to try out more of the teas to get me into it all more. 

I work in a tea factory by the way and yes, tea tasting is a real thing! Let me tell you, the slurping is not a fun sound to hear… it makes me inwardly cringe but apparently the better the slurp the better tasting you get of the tea - something in the oxygen. You're meant to sip from a spoon and spit the tea out into a spittoon but the thought of double dipping spoons from the same cup as a room fall of guys is not a pleasant one. (and no, this is not an innueno!)  but I guess I do end up drinking from the left over back washed cup - BLEUGH! But regardless the world of tea isn't at all what you'd think - there's so much too it; we supply near on 300 different types of tea and it's so fun and interesting to learn about it all but it's not all tea tastings and sitting down for a cuppa - it can be pretty stressful but then I guess so can any job.  

But today, I learnt some sad news that they are planning to get rid of two temporary staff members, both of which are my buddies, my lunch time pals - if you will. I'm super sad because we have such a bond and i'm so worried that without them the work dynamics will change again for me and I won't feel settled again… It's been a pretty tough couple of years with work, you see. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was diagnosed with two long term illnesses, both of which the Doctors have semi fixed for now with meds but one of which in particular can show it's ugly face at any given moment, particularly when stressed. It's called Ulcerative Colitis. Amongst other reasons, I left my previous job, (at an Employment Law Firm) because my illness simply couldn't cope with it any longer. I had to take a lot of time off work and with this and my other reasons I left the big city to ease some of the stress and that's when I eventually found my way into the Tea Factory. I've been here for just over a year now, it started out as the best place in the world but then the UC cropped up again and caused some mischief and I had a bit of a rough patch here too. I'm so worried that if they go and I get stressed with the change, i'll end up in the crap again. Is that selfish? I think more endearing, as I definitely have grown a custom to them being there. 

Anyhow… tomorrow is a day to forget the woes of work because it's THE WEEKEND! and because I'm such an old lady, i'm going to catch an earlyish night ready for the antics of Christmas Shopping tomorrow. 

What a random post. 

Goodnight xxxx