Friday, 11 December 2015

New(?) blogger...

So here I am in bed, listening to the rain above me… rain usually gets me thinking/contemplating life and recently i've been thinking lots about wanting to start up a blog - so tonight was the night and at 23:20pm I decided to do so (it doesn't matter that I'm knackered and have work tomorrow)… Only, it turns out I already had a blog page set up… this one?! 

I had completely forgotten about this. 

Let's create a little picture of how I ended up back on here… So, because i'm a hair dye obsessive (this is relevent!) and back in the summer all I did was YouTube hair videos, I came across +Helen Anderson  and her old pastel hair - my god she is so cool, she's like the version of me, if I was brave enough to be as out there as she is. I told my friend at work about how I sit and watch videos of Helen and pick up lots of tips etc. and she asked if I watched someone called +Zoella … apparently 'Zoella is a huge blogger/vlogger who has made it big time' and yet I'm only just starting to hear about this world?! When I got home I YouTubed 'Zoella', naturally. At first, I wasn't so sure (I was so into the whole coolness of Helen that I didn't feel Zoe could compete) but then Zoe became another of my guilty pleasures. For months now, all i've done is simultaneously watch their videos, picking up make up tips, fashion advice, hair styles and realising, that the combination of them both is pretty much… me!  
The best thing is, that now it is coming up to Christmas, both girls have my full on attention, I love Christmas!  Zoella's Vlogmas and video a day is literally the thing I look forward to in the evenings. I sit down and have a cup of tea or leave the video playing on the side and get on about my evening whilst she makes me feel all festive inside - I'm sad when the videos end and I have to wait for the next day. Yep - I'm a loser! 

Anyway… so, the other evening,  because i've become such a fan, I decided to watch Zoella's videos from the very beginning to see how this magical adventure started and this evening came across the Blogger Tips video. I've been saying for a while now, that I wanted to start up my own YouTube page and have even recorded videos but actually posting them… well, that's another story - I'm way too nervous! Which is why it sparked my interest this evening, to start myself up a blog instead. In the video is mentioned this site as a good starting point, but apparently… I already have a blog on here; which links us back to the beginning! 

It's so funny to read back on the content from August 2011, and my goodness has so much happened since then. I got over the job loss and found a new one (and then got over that one too!) I'm now back in Kent, with a different boyfriend (had to kiss a lot of frogs to end up with this one; even if that does sound awful of me). I was diagnosed with a long term illness… oh, no… two illnesses. I miss being with my mumma and dadda immensely still but actually, to be honest, life is okay at the moment.  

I've literally rambled but the point of this post is that basically… both Zoe and Helen have made me look at life in a different way at the moment, both girls are so positive and I want me a bit of that. I want to be the girl that provides someone with a bit of happy, just like they have for me and hopefully me (re)starting this blog will lead me in that direction - even if only one person wants to read and they like it, then I will be happy in the knowledge that someone else is happy reading because i've made that small difference to them.  

I'm probably going to talk a lot about my life, a lot about Harry Potter, a lot about make up and a lot about food. Because that's pretty much me in a nutshell. So if you can get past my rambling then please do follow me and encourage me to write. 

Anyway, it's now over an hour later and I really must go to sleep. No wonder I'm always tired in the mornings. 

Goodnight x