Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tick Tock...

Once again, I cannot sleep. What is this?! I'm so very tired but the actual process of falling asleep is just a no go for me. Until the mornings - I'm very capable of sleep then; I woke up at near on 11 today. Oops. 

Today was the day to get more Christmas shopping done. We are almost done now. Literally just a couple more and we're complete; which is good because it's literally less than 2 weeks now. Some people are so easy to buy for and it's just a case of in and out of the shop and then others, not so much.  But I made an amazing discovery today. Zara Men aftershaves. ❤️ I didn't even know they were a thing and I'm usually a bit put off by 'shop brand' aftershaves but if you're struggling with a gift for a brother, dad or boyfriend or even a friend... Get yourself to Zara. I sprayed them on myself and then couldn't stop smelling them. One arm spray for my dad (Sandalwood) and the other for Rhys (Silver) and because Rhys was obviously with me I had to tell I'm I was getting it for him, the smell was just too good not to.  And then I got to the counter... £10 BARGAIN!!! I felt a bit bad because he wants this Armarni one that he wore back in the day but I've already got him other bits and I'm still not convinced that the smell is worth the high end price, so for now this one will do.... It kinda reminds me of the Abercrombie smell but not so strong and in your face. It's just one of those smells you want to keep getting the odd whiff of. I'm really pleased. Then the woman in the shop must have thought I was mental because I then went back for a 3rd time because I got another whiff of the one for my dad  and couldn't resist (he doesn't really need another aftershave but meh) so I will either give it towards his Christmas present or put it aside for his birthday in January. But seriously. Go sniff them! 

I always say I don't like shopping but I do. I love spending money and finding new things. I think it's more the initial effort and the other people haha. But I have found this year that it's a lot more quiet this close to Christmas, which is good but strange. I'm really pleased with some of my finds and gift ideas this year though and I would love to post some bits but they're at my Mumma's ready to be wrapped on Christmas eve. Maybe this is the reason I can't sleep. I'm too goddamn excited to give my gifts. 

I will try to sleep now though. So goodnight xx