Sunday, 27 December 2015

I can't believe Christmas is over for another year…

Well, I say it's over but if you know me, you know that Christmas is an all year round build up; I never stop singing the songs (although I feel like August is the time I actually allow myself to play them, after December, of course) and each new 'Holiday' celebration - Easter, Halloween etc. I tend to use as a countdown marker that Christmas is getting closer… But let's not get too ahead of ourselves, eh? Let's talk about this Christmas. 

It's been a really lovely time so far -  since my last post, the miniature Christmas for Rhys and myself has been had and was a success too; it was the last time I'd see him for a small while, as I am now at my parents for the duration of the break. We got to open two gifts each, one of which we both knew about and the other a surprise. I need to learn not to over exaggerate, as apparently the gift he got me I exclaimed how much I loved in the shop, he was so cute and sneakily took a photo and went back to buy it and don't get me wrong, it was lovely (it was a coat by the way) but it just didn't suit me and I feel i've moved on from the style - it definitely proves you should try before you buy too! So unfortunately, I am taking it back but I've already found a couple of items to replace it with, so... every cloud! 

Next was the work Christmas do; I decided not to drink for a couple of reasons - drink and my tummy do not mix well and also, I wanted to drive straight from there to my parents (mostly so I could have a lie in on Christmas eve, ha). It was a really good evening, spent with some of my favourite people. We went to The Poacher in Tudeley (Kent), I'd really recommend it - if not for the food, then for the atmosphere, which is especially lovely in this festive period. I feel like I've really proved that you don't have to drink to have a good time, everyone else was wasted of course but somehow I fit into that still, so i'm not sure if that's worrying for my sober personality, ha. I was a little sad not to carry on the night with them after the meal but at least the M25 was clear. 

When I arrived home, I had a nice surprise of the fireplace being painted and a mantel piece fitted, it looks so cosy now and I've been begging my dad to change it for ages. I'm so glad they did.

Christmas Eve was spent wrapping what felt like a mountain of presents. I do like wrapping but only if it looks good as a result - I find that i've become really lazy with that, so I just wait to see Mumma's beautiful wrapping instead, she always knows how to make things look creative and pretty.

Our usual tradition is to go for a hot chocolate on Christmas Eve but this year we were all too tired and to be honest, it was much nicer to sit by the new fireplace and have an 'afternoon tea' style treat. I was a little grumpy towards the end of the night - does anyone else's family try to annoy them on purpose and then get annoyed themselves when you end up in a mood?! It didn't last long, as another tradition of watching Mickey's Christmas Carol was fulfilled, after Mumma had tracked it down on DVD! Definitely the best Christmas Carol there is (none of this Muppets malarky!). Not only this, but as she does every year, Mumma read me The Night Before Christmas, just as though I'm still a little kid - not to mention we still put a little something down for Santa and his Reindeer! I think I should just have a child myself, then i'd have more of an excuse for this kind of thing! 

Santa called!!! 

We were some spoilt people on Christmas Day! 

I was so very lucky to get so many lovely gifts, some of which I will review for you guys. Once again, another lovely day, mostly spent opening presents and stuffing our faces; I didn't have mum's Christmas dinner last year, it was so good to have it back this year - she really is the best chef I know.  I have to say actual Christmas Day isn't as magical as it used to be when I was little but as i've said before, it's all about the build up really and it is still special. 

Not only was I totally spoilt on Christmas Day but Boxing Day is the day of my birthday; this year I turned 24 - yay! my lucky number (so it best be a good year!). It always means two lots of presents and this year two different cakes! Literally can't explain how grateful I am of the people who spoil me and not only because of all the presents but all the lovely messages I received too. It's always hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas, as everyone is pre-occupied with family etc. So often I can feel a bit pushed aside sometimes but as I said, totally spoilt, totally feeling loved and special - so who cares my birthday isn't in June or something, instead.

So now, I wait for Rhys' arrival and in the mean time i'm spending some nice, quality time with Mumma. Next stop New Year's Eve and looking forward to the old cliche of New Year, New Start. 2016 - be kind to me, please! 

Goodnight x