Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year...

Here's to the New Year - I hope it's happy, healthy, wealthy and filled with love, for all.

I've entered 2016 as a 24 year old, my favourite and what I consider as my 'lucky', number - I therefore hope that luck pays off and I am blessed with a much better year than 2015.

One of my 'resolutions' (although, does anyone ever stick to those?!) is to save money; I came up with an idea in order to fulfil this - it may have already been thought up and to be honest I haven't looked into it but I thought it would be totally doable and would help me considerably as a result… 
My idea was an adapted version of the 52 week challenge, which personally I think I would struggle with (maybe I will try that if/when I get a pay rise?!), so instead I decided on, what I will call, 'The Monthly Challenge'.
So… each month, for however many days in that month, you would put that amount into a pot for a year, or for my plan, until it is time to go Christmas shopping! For a year's savings, you should end up with £365, or as this year is a leap year £366! (4 x 30 day months (£120), 7 x 31 day months (£217) and 1 x 28/9 day month (£28/9)) or I guess another way to look at it is £1 a day! 

I thought that the end amount would be plenty of money for gifts and you can always add additionals where possible and then it's not such a shock to the bank balance during the festive season, meaning you can treat yourself to seasonal activities without feeling bad for spending the cash!  

In 2015, I ended up borrowing a lot of money from my dad, due to the purchase of a new car, new glasses and other material things that will be beneficial to me long term but in the short term have landed me in a lot of un-wanted debts and as a result I've ended up borrowing additional money from my dad in order to buy other items which were not budgeted for. I hate having to scrimp around for money and being in debt, especially at a time as special as Christmas; in fact, I ended up borrowing money from my parents in order to buy them presents - how does that work?! That's why i've chosen to do this challenge and I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

The reason I feel like the 52 week challenge is un-doable, is because I can't imagine having to put £52 down on one of the weeks etc. etc. although I guess in the higher end weeks you could just go without one of your luxuries or maybe between you and a partner, you could do half each?!

I keep seeing posts online about different challenges to try out and I guess that's what inspired me to create one to suit me and it seems like a really easy way to save money but maybe I won't be saying that at the end of this?! 

If you want to try a challenge but are anything like me and see the money sitting there on side and think it won't hurt to take bits from it here and there, until you're left with nothing, then you should get yourself an non-accessible (well until it's full) tin like these...

My mum got these for Rhys and I after told her my plan and I thought they were so cute and suited the occasion well. These were from B&M Bargains but unfortunately I couldn't see this design on their website anymore, however there's lots of others available in most homeware or card stores, so have a look! 

I'm now excited for the end of the year to see if I stick to it!

...Oh and also for next Christmas, only 355 days left to go...