Monday, 25 January 2016

Every home needs candles...

I've always been a bit of a hoarder when it comes to candles; often I find them too pretty to burn and if they're smelly, I fear they will lose their scent and I won't get pleasure from them anymore - how shallow of me! However, over the festive period and just winter in general, I feel it's the best way to light up a room; the light they create is so soft and homely and if you throw in a wintery scent, you can't really go wrong. Below i've photoed some of my favourite ways to display candles, I hope they can inspire you to make a feature of your own:

My mum came up with this idea, I think it's so simple yet looks really cool! Grab yourself a Kilner jar (or a lockable jar) and chuck a load of tea lights in (the tea lights used here were from my Yankee Candle advent calendar but I also like to use colour teas from Ikea), I think the more colour the prettier it looks. I've added the hearts from typical trinket shops, by attaching them with an elastic band. I think this would also make a lovely gift for someone who is a candle lover.

I got this candle holder in 2014 from Home Sense, the partner of TK Maxx; I know you're probably thinking 'then why am I showing you?' but I just thought it was too cool not to; the great thing is, Home Sense usually has all sorts of cool and crafty designs like this and if you can't find them for yourself, this gives the creative side in you the chance to make something like it for yourself. The star is in two parts, so really funky for a table display. 

I received these as a gift, they came from Next and are in 3 different scents, I've burnt one so far and it kept it's smell whilst burning - yay! I think the best thing about these are the jars, they're funky and modern and bring colour to any side piece (particularly if you're like me and have white walls  and beige accessories every where). I think they're great to add a splash of colour to your home. 

YANKEE CANDLES - the best invention there ever was. I've been to the US store and it's like a dream kingdom of heaven - yes, i've lost my marbles, but seriously, the UK store is okay but obviously America does it best. 

Anyway, having said that, this particular one was bought in the UK and it's quickly become one of my favourite scents. It was burning pretty much 24/7 over Christmas, at my parents house and it was so dreamy I ended up buying one for myself. It's one of those scents that will re-flame (excuse the pun) a particular memory in an instant. I would 100% recommend this scent to anyone looking for a winter haven; it certainly lives up to it's name COSY by the Fire. 

Please go and smell it! 

In almost equal measures to the Yankee; these candles, from Airwick, are quite honestly the light of my life(!), they're pretty, they smell incredible and the scent fills a room instantly too. Not only does the cute design on the jar stand out (and yes they bring out a new one per season), they also have interchangeable lights - wow. It might sound tacky but I promise you it's not. They're often on offer too, so please tell me where there is any wrong here. I placed mine in the vase behind which looked even more beautiful, take a look at my Instagram video to see exactly what I mean: Instagram
See... so cutesy. 

So there you go, just a few ideas and recommendations for you.

Please do feel free to tell me your favourites and I will go and check them out because I really do love a candle. 


Just a little example of my house at Christmas, with ALL of the candles in the world. Oops...