Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Ulcerative Colitis Story...

Yesterday I posted a video to YouTube about part of my journey with Ulcerative Colitis; the reception i've got from the video has been incredible - I never thought that so many of my Facebook friends would have shown such an interest and offered such sympathy, particularly as (in all honesty) it's not really been shown before they knew some of the ins and outs of what i've been through and probably thought I just moaned about nothing, lol. 

My journey with UC has been really difficult; one where I found out who my true friends were; one where I learnt my own strength, through coping with the disease; one where i've learnt what's important to me and what's just superficial... I could go on... 

But, the reason I posted the video wasn't just to draw the attention to my own story but to make people aware of what UC sufferers can go through, I didn't really even go into much detail, there's so much more I could say about it and to be honest, I'd love to. I would love for people to understand what someone with any Chronic Illness aka Spoonies, go through; I feel that so many illnesses are worldly known but some, such as Ulcerative Colitis, are left almost un-heard of to those who don't have it or know anyone with it.

Next time i'd like to do a Q&A to raise some more awareness and go into more detail of some of the symptoms and issues I've faced with the illness but for now, here is a link to my video:

I hope it can help shed some light, or raise some awareness or make someone who is facing the illness themselves, feel less alone.

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Mum and Rhys had to wear aprons and gloves because I was barrier nursed! 

I was so happy when I was allowed to eat that I photographed the occasion! 

It was an incredibly miserable time... 

... But some gifts and flowers brightened up the place.

At the time the 'no make up selfie' was trending on Facebook for cancer awareness, this was mine! 

I HATE blood tests. 

Poor little Rhysy, after spending every visiting hour possible with me for a week; this was the end result - hospitals are incredibly boring places.