Monday, 22 August 2016

19 years later...

I want you all to just sit down for a second because I have some news for you... It's taken just over a year to do (and that's not the mention the 19 years previous) but...

- And just in time for the newest book, which arrived with me on the day I finished!

This is by far the longest time I've ever taken to read books and I have to be completely honest here and say, that, although I utterly adore Harry Potter as a franchise, I'm afraid that I didn't find the books to be the page turner that so many others did. In fact, a lot of the time I found myself going backwards and tracing over previous pages or chapters to slot the story together; this is perhaps why it took me quite so long to complete the series. I had the same issue I had when I tried (and failed) to read them as a child too - you know when an author's way of writing just doesn't do it for you? This is not to say at all that the actual work, imagination and writing of J K Rowling has anything to fault! I guess I was just so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of extra storylines to add to my already extensive knowledge from the films. I am glad, however, that with the new (to me) information, I can finally piece together bits of the films that didn't quite make sense to me before knowing the full story. 

Now, I know you're all going to bow your head in shame at me and tell me I'm not a real fan if I don't really get along with the bumph that made the film possible and that's okay, I accept that but the films  are just where the magic is for me. I wish that I had tallied up the amount of times I've watched the films, over and over, because truly I love them to pieces. 

I will say something though; if you're reading this and you're thirteen and a new craze has just hit the shelves, please dear god don't do what I do. Don't think that you're too cool to watch or read something - get involved and don't be ashamed of being passionate about anything... My biggest regret to this day was stopping watching the movies as they came out in the cinema; I watched the first two and then got to the tender age of 13 and decided I was too old and too cool for Harry Potter. What a fool I was! When the last film came out, I ended up watching it and was so sucked in, I spent that weekend catching up on all the films I had missed in between - I was so mad at myself for giving up on it before and now having watched countless interviews and best bits and having listened the cast explain how it was so magical that people grew up with the films, just as they did, I just felt instantly stupid and pained that I wasn't part of it too. I also get annoyed with myself that I took so long to pick up the books, because, although I didn't love them as much as I hoped, I do now know so much more about the thing I am so very passionate about and that is a great feeling. Make a mental note to yourself, that you're never too old for anything! 

So anyway, here's a huge thank you to J K Rowling, for your incredible stories and to Warner Bros for bringing them to life - you have no idea how much I adore your work. 

If you want to see my ever growing collection of Harry Potter goodies, be sure to let me know, I would love to share them with you.

Lots of love, hugs, kisses & special wishes
From Katy. ♡